Bite-Size Kernels of Popcorn Facts

large clear bowl overflowing with popcorn pictured on white background

Did you know…

  • Americans consume approximately 13 billion quarts of popcorn a year. More than any country in the world!
  • Nebraska, also known as one of the “corn belt states,” leads in the production of popcorn for the United States.
  • The word “corn” in Old English meant “grain.” When Native Americans introduced their most common grain (maize) to the early Europeans, the early Europeans called it “corn.”
  • Charles Cretors, the inventor of the steam popping machine, is the reason popcorn is as popular as it is today in the United States.
  • Glen W. Dickson was the first person to put in the effort and expense of placing popcorn machines inside his theaters. It was an instant and affordable hit! Other movie houses quickly added the profitable snack soon after.

If you love popcorn, National Popcorn Day on January 19 is the day to grab your friends, pop your favorite kind (regular, extra butter, or kettle) and celebrate!

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