Renewable Energy – 2020 Dyson Prize

January 2, 2021 — At the end of 2020 the future of renewable energy made an exciting development! While the motivation behind discovering renewable energy solutions is certainly not lacking, many that had been discovered so far can only generate electricity in the right environmental conditions. For example, solar panels require the visible light from sunny days to capture... Read More

Early Spring Cleaning

January 2, 2021 — With an influx of gifts during the holidays, many of our closets here are overflowing. Staff may reach out to residents and families to see if they may be willing to allow us to do some spring cleaning and have items stored at family and friends’ homes.


January 2, 2021 — We have been overwhelmed by the support of local groups such as schools, Churches, and other organizations. So many have stepped up to show love and compassion to those staying with us.

Birdwatching Day – January 5

January 2, 2021 — Dust off your binoculars on January 5 for National Bird Day! There are plenty of benefits to taking part in birdwatching: physical activity, learning something new, spending time outdoors… the list goes on! Being outside is great for your mental health, as it generally improves your mood and provides you with a space to move... Read More

Donate Blood and Blood Plasma Safely to Help Save Lives

January 2, 2021 — This January, the American Red Cross celebrates National Blood Donor Month and recognizes the life-saving contributions from blood, platelet, and plasma donors. As we begin the New Year, the Red Cross and CDC are encouraging individuals to donate blood and plasma if they are well and able to do so, while continuing to practice safe... Read More

Houseplant Appreciation Day is January 10

January 2, 2021 — January 10 is Houseplant Appreciation Day, and there is no better time to celebrate the healthy glow of living plants than when it is icy and cold outside. Here is an introduction to different types of house plants that are easy to keep! If you’re living in a home without much direct sunlight, give low-light... Read More

Lisa’s Corner

December 3, 2020 — During this time of year, we all need a little inspiration to lift us up so I thought I would find a few words of encouragement. This is probably going to be the toughest holiday season we have had, but I plan to keep these coming through the remainder of the year in hopes that... Read More

Veteran’s Day

December 3, 2020 — We are blessed to be about to care for many Veterans. They received cards from North Hardin Christian School students and gift baskets letting them know how much we appreciate their service.

Senior to Senior Video Chats

December 3, 2020 — Residents have been matched with a senior student at Elizabethtown High School for weekly video calls that will  allow the pairs to build friendships, learn from each other, and give everyone something to look forward to each week.

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful and Happy Birthday!

December 3, 2020 — Happy Birthday to our Residents! Jack S. December 21 Leonard W. December 24 Byron S. December 26 Mildred S. December 26 Raymond W. December 29 Billy G. December 31 Happy Birthday to our Staff! Leanne W. December 02 Vivian P. December 05 Julia J. December 15 Deshanna D. December 25