Hero of the Month

Cindy Wright is nothing short of a hero! This month we honor Cindy as our Hero of the Month! Cindy has been at ENRC collectively for over 7 years and has worked as a social worker since 2008. Cindy is loved by her residents and the staff knows they can count on her to look out for the best interest of all. She is a creative person who is always going above and beyond to find fun, new ways to entertain the residents, and bring smiles to their faces. Cindy can often be found singing a hymn or leading a prayer at the conclusion of a meeting.

Cindy has been married to her husband, Ovie Wright, for 12 years. She enjoys working in her yard and flower beds. In fact, Cindy tells us that she enjoys doing ANY outdoor activity, except in the winter!

Thank you, Cindy, for being a friend to all, for bringing light to the residents’ day, and for leading by example.

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