Celebrate Your Unique Talent!

November 9, 2022 — Everyone has a talent that is special to them. Some talents are more commonly shareable, such as musical, artistic, or athletic talent, while others are less noticeable, like having a photographic memory, being able to do complex math in your head, or even having the ability to curl your tongue into an uncommon shape! With... Read More

Apple Cider Day

November 9, 2022 — They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a glass of apple cider can rejuvenate the soul. Every year on November 18, we celebrate National Apple Cider Day. The origin of apple cider dates back to 3,000 B.C., when the Celts in Britain made the beverage using crabapples. Apple cider is made... Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness

October 9, 2022 — Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control. There are different types of breast cancer, and people can experience different symptoms. Some individuals do not have any signs or symptoms at all. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit).... Read More

October is Physical Therapy Month

October 9, 2022 — Physical Therapists work to restore strength, mobility and promote greater independence, either unassisted or with assistive devices. Licensed physical therapists focus on improvement, coordination, balance, strength and endurance of their patients. Did you know that physical therapy may be a safe, effective alternative route to treat chronic pain conditions? According to the APTA (American Physical... Read More

Success Story: Roger M.

October 9, 2022 — Roger M. was admitted to Elizabethtown Nursing and Rehab after a brief stay in the hospital. He initially presented with decreased range of motion and strength with his upper extremities. He immediately got to work with occupational therapy working on strength training exercises. Roger’s occupational therapy helped to increase his strength and decrease his need... Read More

Featured Staff: Cindy

October 9, 2022 — Cindy Wright- Business Office Manager Cindy has been an employee with Elizabethtown Nursing and Rehab for a total of 8 years. Cindy worked many years in social services and recently accepted a new position as the Business Office Manager. In her free time, Cindy likes to watch TV and read. Cindy enjoys working with the... Read More

Featured Staff: Loretta

October 9, 2022 — Loretta Sosh- Human Resources/Payroll Director Loretta has been employed with Elizabethtown Nursing and Rehab for 12 years. In her free time, she likes to play with her grandson and plant flowers. Loretta loves helping the residents and seeing each of them smile.

Letter from the Administrator

October 9, 2022 — I hope everyone has enjoyed the warm summer weather. We are looking forward to Fall activities. Shea and Arianna have fun events scheduled. With Fall coming this month, cool weather will be approaching. We encourage you to please consider alternating clothes in closets and remove warmer weather items towards the end of this month. As... Read More

Online Learning Day is September 15

September 6, 2022 — Learning new information on a regular basis is important for keeping your mind sharp and active. No matter what age you are, there is always something new to learn! While new information can be obtained from a variety of sources, the internet provides an almost limitless source of learning. There is an incredible amount of... Read More

Better Breakfast Month

September 6, 2022 — Eating breakfast may be one of the secrets to staying healthy. No matter how busy you are, it’s important to fuel your body so that you can have energy throughout the day. A good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. People who eat a healthy breakfast daily are more likely to... Read More