On Feb. 9, National Pizza Day, Where Do Your Pizza Toppings Belong?

In the pizza industry, there has been many a conflict over how to make the best pizza. It is debatable that toppings under the sauce taste and look better or worse than toppings above the sauce and cheese.

Chicago-style pizza goes against the traditional grain of most of the other pizza recipes in the U.S. Instead of placing the toppings you choose on the top of the pizza sauce and cheeses, the sliced mozzarella cheese is placed in a layer on the crust, which is placed in the bottom of a deep-dish pizza pan. On top of the mozzarella cheese is placed the toppings of choice, such as Italian sausage, onions, green peppers, and mushrooms. The next layer is the sauce, which is the top layer.

Many people say that Chicago-style is the best because it has a crispy crust due to the sauce being on top.

This more common type of pizza places the sauce on the crust, shredded cheese layered above the sauce, and the toppings scattered above the cheese. This is what most people in the United States think of when they think of pizza. Many people don’t even know of a different way of making pizza.

The real winners realize that there is no best, only different. Every once in a while, treat your senses to something out of the ordinary.

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