Celebrating May Birthdays

party balloons and ribbon

Happy Birthday wishes to Residents and Staff celebrating during the month of May.


Clarence S. 05/03

Anna D. 05/04

Catherine Y. 05/23

Michael R. 05/26


Tammy Turner 05/01

Jaclyn Peter 05/09

Jessica Hall 05/06

Savannah Hopkins 05/16

Mackenzie Meyers 05/30

Warm Welcome to our New Residents! 

Freda C.

Charles L

Wilhelmina H.

Nina W

Tracy D.

Nell T

William C.

Elizabeth K

Cleo C.

Jackie A

Kathy J.

Frank B

Marc G.

Deborah H

Schelia W.

Welcome, Welcome to our newest Staff Members!

Ashleigh Watts, Activity Director

Tori Upton, Activity Assistant

Pauline Eureste, CNA

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