Indulge in Self-Care to Reduce Stress

Canva image featuring self-care written in wood letter tiles surrounded by daisy flowers

Stress Awareness Month in April reminds us to manage stress for our overall wellbeing. Recognizing the presence of stress proactively helps us identify its causes and gives us a chance to use healthy ways to cope. One of the best ways to reduce the effects of stress is to engage in self-care. There is a large variety of activities to choose from to aid in melting the stress away:

Physical: Exercise, eat well, sleep enough, and practice hygiene.

Relaxation: Take breaks and enjoy hobbies, leisure activities, and time in nature.

Emotional: Journaling, mindfulness, and setting healthy boundaries.

Intellectual: Read, learn new things, engage in creativity.

Social: Spend time with loved ones, join groups, and make social plans.

Spiritual: Practice gratitude, engage in spiritual activities, and connect with nature.

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