Short-Term Success Story: George C.

success story written in white chalk on a black chalkboard which has a purple wooden border.

Here is one of our most recent success stories here at Elizabethtown Nursing and Rehab!

George had been at home and suffered from the dreaded accident of falling off a ladder, which landed him a first-class ticket to the hospital and then onto our facility for rehab. George was evaluated by both physical and occupational therapy as he had many limitations due to his non-weight bearing status on both legs. He was unable to transfer from his bed to his wheelchair without the assistance of two therapists and required total assistance to get dressed and care for himself. After several days of working with therapy, George became more independent with his functional mobility. He gained strength in his arms and learned to transfer himself to the wheelchair with minimal assistance and verbal cues reminding him not to bear any weight on his feet. He also learned to dress himself with techniques taught by the occupational therapist. We are so happy to share that George’s stay with us was a success! He was able to return home with his wife and the assistance of home health for continued therapy. It was a great pleasure to assist George in his journey back home. We will miss you!

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