Short-Term Success Story: MARC

success story written in white chalk on a black chalkboard which has a purple wooden border.

Marc was admitted to our facility after a brief hospital and acute rehab stay, as he had undergone surgery to his right foot. When Marc arrived, he was not allowed to put any weight on his foot. He began working with physical and occupational therapy to learn what moving around with these new restrictions would look like. He needed to build arm strength as well as strengthen his “good” leg to compensate. Marc stayed with us for approximately six months while trying to heal completely from his surgery. Once given permission to bear weight on his right foot by the doctor, he began the intensive uphill battle of regaining his mobility to go home. After just a few short weeks, Marc was able to return home with his mom. He was independent with walking and able to transfer himself with the assistance of a rolling walker. We were so glad Marc chose us to assist him with his journey back to health! We are so proud of you, Marc!

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