Success Story

Mr. M. was admitted to Elizabethtown Nursing and Rehab after being in the hospital for a right total knee replacement.

Upon entering our facility, he was having increased amounts of pain and increased weakness in his right leg He was evaluated by Physical and Occupational Therapy to begin rehab. Mr. M. stated his biggest barrier to going home was his staircase.

He had 15 steps to get in and out of his home. After participating in physical and occupational therapy, Mr. M. was able to increase strength and decrease pain in his right knee. Prior to discharge, Mr. M. participated in a home evaluation. Our therapist met and observed him going up and down the staircase at his home to ensure he was truly ready for discharge.

Mr. M. was successful in achieving this goal and returned home with his wife. Great job Mr. M., we’re so proud of you!

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