Turn Off the TV and Turn On Your Imagination

clip art of an old style tube television set

Did you know…on average an individual watches at least four hours of television a day, which is approximately two full months of television each year? That’s a lot of screen time! There are many educational channels like National Geographic, History, Discovery, Animal Planet, and Science, however many of us tend to choose programs such as sports, sitcoms, reality shows or serial dramas when sitting down in front of the screen.

Celebrate National Television Day, November 21 by turning off the set and turning on your imagination. If you could create a TV show, what would it be? Would it be a comedy? Quiz show? Crime drama? Western, space opera, or something new? Maybe you’ll write a sequel to your favorite drama? Start by writing a brief description or pilot episode. Then share your idea with co-workers, family or friends and ask them to join in the fun by contributing ideas to help your show going!

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