Spotlight on Therapy

Jodie Fogle, COTA/L Certified Occupational Assistant Licensure:

Jodie has worked with us at Elizabethtown Nursing and Rehab for the past 10 years as a COTA/L. She is also certified in DPAMS which means she can treat patients using ultrasound, E-stim and Diathermy.

Jodie started in therapy due to a passion for wanting to help others in the best possible way she could and with the most impact. In her 10 years with Elizabethtown Nursing and Rehab her passion for helping others has only grown stronger. She has been honored to advocate, support and help her patients achieve many milestones on their road to recovery. Seeing her patients break into a smile as they succeed each day makes her job extremely fulfilling.

Jodie says she is thankful to work with an amazing therapy team and has really good support from nursing and CNA staff. Due to her job she feels she gets to make friends and have a whole new family to love, enjoy and support.

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